Thursday, July 22, 2010

Will work tub time

Too much holidaying can lead to boredom. Andrew and Kevin seen grandma was going to wash her car and were very excited to help. Nathan tagged along with daddy to help grandpa work on a deck and railing for the morning. Mommy tried to finish her book while rachel slept. After the little jobs were done and good soak in grandpa and grandma'shot tub was a real treat.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Hello fellow readers,

My heart is heavy as i write this. You see among our pictures of our trip to B.C. there is one morning where our family went on a visit to see some very good friends. How i wished i had taken a picture of our visit because that was the last time we saw him. A casual conversation about farming, family and faith is continually being rewound and played again in my mind. We left happy, encouraged and planning about how they were going to come for a visit this summer yet to go to another antique John deere auction. The last trip our friend took was on a fishing trip with his daughter, daughter in law and pastor. The Maker took him Home only a week after we talked with him over coffee. While on a boat in God's vast and beautiful creation our friend asked in prayer for the Master to take him upon His knee. We understood he passed because of a blood clot from his leg traveling to his heart.

Unexpected, unnannounced and unsureal we pause again and again at the strong man who i knew as a child growing up, i worked for and guided and protected me while in my dating years in b.c. He drove me to the church on my wedding day and has been like a grandfather to me.
He leaves behind many grieving family and friends. BUT dear friends, his anchor is cast in glory. My question remains this, are we living life in preparation for our eternity? Not to sound somber or depressing instead we are to long to say Lord come quickly, but are we really evaluating how we talk to others and leave them to know that it may be the last time we see them? We do not know our last hour or day. Yet sinful creatures we are, but life is fleeting.....i was reminded of this as i attended his funeral last friday. Dear ones, as i recover from the shock of this life taken, remind me to live life to the glory of God, by encouraging and loving one another. WE need to walk this walk together and when it gets hard the Maker will carry us through the valleys, "For when you saw only one set of footprints it was then that I carried you".

Trans Canada Waterslides

To top off our B.C. trip we headed out to Bridal Falls area and found the water slides. What a great idea! Tim's parents suggested we head out with Uncle Roy, Auntie Steph and their kids to the water slides for the day. It was a great hit. With a balmy 18 degree day with cloudy periods, the park was not busy. We had a blast and very tired children on the way home!

Our trip to Sunshine Coast July 2010

Our annual trip to B.C. this year was a very relaxing trip indeed. After madly cleaning our barn as quickly as we could....we dragged our holiday trailer with us and headed out to the sunshine coast to visit our friends Brian and Julie Kolkman first. We hiked the trails by smugglers cove and the prairie boys of ours were in awe of God's creation on the west side of Canada! After spending 3 days there, we headed back to the Abbotsford and Chilliwack area. Spending time with family was and is important to us and we relished in the beauty around us and shared coffees, breakfast outings, and lazy deck days with them catching up and ecncouraging one another.