Friday, January 29, 2010

Of Birth Certificates, pink eye and soothers

Caught your attention didn't I? Well it has been an interesting week here in the hen house. Last Sunday our dear Kevin developed pink eye, as i rub my eye again, come on i am sure you did too! It is an irritating little feller that gobs up little childrens eyes and takes a good dose of eye drops to clear. Well clear they did and then i was extra cautious to make sure Rachel didnt get it, or the other boys for that matter. This momma was on high eye alert. I even checked the dog at times. But that also passed, we survived and we needed a birth certificte for Rachel. You know to prove she was born. Well..... to prove to the world she was born. I know she was born....i am sooo glad she was born....she had to be born becaue she was late....or she would have exploded out of me. Ok bad picture. SO this mommy, with a toque on (i have to mention this now beause it is necessary to make it funnier later) headed to the registry office with postpinkeye Kevin in toe and of course the victim Rachel. As i got in the door, she started to whimper, i think it's cause she still feels the need to remind me she hates her toque. So i took it off and waited my turn with 3 others in line. She got more mad, so maybe mommy had to take her toque off. i did that seeing it was warm in the office and imagine what toque hair with a slight drizzle of static would look like on me who had not even brushed my hair that morning!! Wow, i type alot, anyhow. She continued to bellow. Louder and louder, by now others were watching. I pulled out my paperwork acting like i was not leaving for i had to be here too! A lady appraoched me and asked if she could help, i answered no thanks i think i am ok. Kevin was sweetly smiling at her from under his toque and revealed his post-slightlypink eye and the lady quickly backed up. Two people left and my turn crept closer. Rachel started her shrill. The lady cautiously approached me again and asked if she could feed Rachel for me. I replied no thanks she is nursed. Kevin decided to help me out by sticking the soother hard into Rachels mouth. He is quite persistant in the matter. He will not allow her to spit it out! Then came my turn, poor woman behind counter. She looked up from her computer to find a scary hairy mommy, a postpartum pinkeyed boy and a screaming baby. The questions she nailed me with..... i was so unprepared. Where was she born? Umm the hospital. Which one? I turned to the helpful lady behind me and asked what is the name of the Ponoka hospital? She replied "which one the mental or general", question answered. I guess you can have babies in the brain injury hospital as well. Unless Tim turned the wrong way ou of the driveway... i remember giving birth in the the general hospital. Tho i was really drugged with my it was the Ponoka General. so the paperwork continued, Kevin persisted with the soother ritual and i swept hair out of my face again! The registry lady was content with with my info and i attempted to pay her, but my purse was gone. I turned around and found Kevin had attempted to help me pay by emptying the contents on the floor. Imagine, nursing pads, other pads;) mentos, reciepts coins OH another soother and stuff strewn about. Rachel persisted to remind me she was still hungry. Oh i love mother hood. I found the money, and knew i had to get out fast or i would end up in the brain injury unit today yet! We survived, picked up our mess and toques and left to nurse Rachel and our pathetic attitude in the vehicle.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sleeping on the job

I lack much motivation these last few days. Perhaps it is the weather, or lack of sleep,or the depressing sight of endless laundry and dust on the furniture or even on my washer and dryer as you can see in the picture. It can be frustrating to say "aahhh, all done and all caught up" one day and then turn around to find the boys have happily cleaned their rooms and found another load of laundry for me! Or is sooo overrated! I live in Alberta with dusty roads and on the farm t'boot so if you feel so inclined to write your name in my furniture why not ask for a doekie to start dusting for me? I also detest ironing. Pointless, the roosters in this house wear it and throw it on the ground anyway. I must confess if i do find a really wrinkly shirt in the dryer by mistake, i will re-wash it. Yupp.... you read it hear folks i wash sunday shirt sometimes 2 or 3 times a week. Just till i remeber to dry it for 10-20 minutes then hang it so not to have to iron it. I have started to teach my daughter the basics of laundry. How to sort it, what soap for what load and how to remove her poopy stains. Also to make sure she is not too overwhelmed by this tacky task i assure her any money or treasures she finds in jean pockets is hers to keep. My greatest treasure i found was a $20 bill in Tim's jeans. Poor sucker! Occasional hockey cards, quarters and candies also appear but the paper money is always welcome and never returned.
Maybe that's a note you want to make as a reader if you ever visit our home!
So as the bible reads we ahem, older women in Titus 2:3-5 need to be examples to the younger ones. I've decided to teach Rachel good things, like being a good homemaker, but by looking a the above picture this was her reaction to it. Hmmm, maybe vacuum training will go better.
On a side note, could whomever reads this blog just make a little comment like "what your least favorite job around the house is" this way i know how many people really follow this blog so far? Thanks, have a great weekend.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Three cocky roosters;) couldn't resist

There you have it folks, the three smiten roosters holding their little sister. The first week we brought Rachel home from the hospital Kevin wanted absolutely nothing to do with his new baby sister. In fact he encouraged her to leave by continually bring her carseat to Tim or I. But after realizing she was here to stay he reluctantly started to show more love. Today they all will run for her the second she bellows. At times they all come with a soother in their hands, where all these soothers come from beats me. A few days ago Andrew quietly asked me again "Mom, can i please hold Rachel?" i asked him to sit on the bed and she slowly started to wimper and then let out a good holler. Andrew looked slighly nervous and asked, "mom did you give her her supper?" I replied"yes m'boy, she got fed" Rachel really took off with her scream fest and Andrew tried to talk a little louder this time over her voluptous ( mom will correct me on this word) vibrating vocals and asked " mom did youreally feed her both sides?" Oh how i love their commemts. Like when i feed her, "Can we see mom" "No mommy and Rachel need privacy when she feeds." Oh like a cow huh? replies Nathan. Wow, what is next.

I sure pray my boys will protect their sister and be there for her when she needs them to shoo a few boys away! Hey the roosters need some target practice when hunting for coyotes and gophers right? How wonderful it will be to witness the seasons to come as they grow up together learning more about their Maker and strivng to glorify Him in all they do!