Monday, August 30, 2010

Gopher Patrol

After many tears this momma is relieved to say her plants may survive while my tough guard is on duty! You see we have this mysterious pest that loves to eat my annuals. I replanted 13 plants and was not very happy. Andrew took matters into his own hands. He grabbed a death defying freezer basket, tapped cardboard to the sides to camaflougue it and propped it up with a board. Next was the bait. He walked over to opa, who was busy augering grain into the truck, and asked for a handful of wheat to tantilize the little critters. Andrew then trotted over to his daddy's shop to find a shovel and booster cables. This was getting funnier by the minute. Lastly a camping chair came into the scene and my boy waited and waited on that chair for a whole hour! I walked out to him and asked about his conTRAPtion. He kindly explained in graphic detail how the silly gopher would see my flowers but get distracted by the good smelling wheat in his trap. Next he would nibble on the wheat while my avid trapper would pull on the twine and the trap would come crashing down around the pest. Then with the booster cables (it's okay..... no scary scenes here, it's still PG) he would clamp the cardboard sides over the basket. This was where Nathan was going to help....they wold drag the basket to the machine shop let the gopher out, then with the shovel, (here it gets graphic PG 13 now) hit the gopher over the head to knock sense into him.... right? He was so excited to have finalized all these plans! I thanked him profusely for protecting my garden! But questioned if he knew which gopher was enjoying my plants and if he was wrongly acussing a gopher... he pondered this and of course our Andrew is our thinker and has excellent one liners and replied, "well too bad for him, maybe his gopher friends will see and learn from his example." So if you need gophers trapped call Andrew 1 800 got cha