Monday, March 21, 2011

It's been awhile

Hello again readers, I have debated whether to start writing again, it seemed too daunting...too much to catch up on. In reality...too sad.
In November Tim and i went away to Ontario for 3 days to get away from things and people and influences and have time to really reconnect and share our goals and what really mattered to us in the life we were given by our Maker. We had a very encouraging time together. With that trip we made some really difficult decisions too. When we got home, we put our farm up for sale. Big gulp here. We prayerfully gave up our lives to God and asked now what? Many, many tears flowed. Many uneasy nights, unanswered prayers and unknown days lay ahead of us and we plugged on together....with trust in the Lord to again provide. December came along and we heard songs like "Joy to the World"....harumph my sinful nature kicked in and i personaly saw no joy, i was sooo sad. I was so self absorbed in the life we were giving up and the freedoms we had to raise our boys on a farm in central alberta. I couldn't possible imagine it could get any better. I will say one thing, my prayer life was strngthened from then on in. Our farm sold within 5 days. It hurt. We started chicken farming 5 years ago. In 5 days it was gone. We were told by a wise person, you just came in too late. It got too expensive. Next what...write it on the walls Lord, i prayed. Tim was soo strong. He was the anchor through it all. He kept me grounded. Pictures kept coming up on our computer screen of a farm in Monarch by Lethbridge. We prayed some more, we went for a day trip to see the farm and we felt a huge sense of relief. You know the kind after completing a test or falling into bed after a long days work. Complete relief. God had a plan all along. Oh ye of little faith, should be adressed to miss Me. We did our homework and found that many doors were opening to a future in southern alberta and we went full steam ahead. We can now say that on April 20 we by God's incredible plan for our lives are moving to Monarch on a goat farm with 117 acres of irrigated hay land with an older 5 bedroom home but I will say it again! GOD PROVIDED! I will stay in touch a little better and try to post pics soon dear friends, but let me know if you are still reading with me. We covet your prayers.