Monday, January 18, 2010

Three cocky roosters;) couldn't resist

There you have it folks, the three smiten roosters holding their little sister. The first week we brought Rachel home from the hospital Kevin wanted absolutely nothing to do with his new baby sister. In fact he encouraged her to leave by continually bring her carseat to Tim or I. But after realizing she was here to stay he reluctantly started to show more love. Today they all will run for her the second she bellows. At times they all come with a soother in their hands, where all these soothers come from beats me. A few days ago Andrew quietly asked me again "Mom, can i please hold Rachel?" i asked him to sit on the bed and she slowly started to wimper and then let out a good holler. Andrew looked slighly nervous and asked, "mom did you give her her supper?" I replied"yes m'boy, she got fed" Rachel really took off with her scream fest and Andrew tried to talk a little louder this time over her voluptous ( mom will correct me on this word) vibrating vocals and asked " mom did youreally feed her both sides?" Oh how i love their commemts. Like when i feed her, "Can we see mom" "No mommy and Rachel need privacy when she feeds." Oh like a cow huh? replies Nathan. Wow, what is next.

I sure pray my boys will protect their sister and be there for her when she needs them to shoo a few boys away! Hey the roosters need some target practice when hunting for coyotes and gophers right? How wonderful it will be to witness the seasons to come as they grow up together learning more about their Maker and strivng to glorify Him in all they do!


  1. Great to hear from you again! Looks like they are totally smitten with their new little dolly! Enjoy!

  2. those pictures are so cute!
    I'm glad Kevin has changed his thinking of Rachel

  3. So glad that your blog is working! Can't wait to see/read any stories that you may have!

  4. "like a cow." LOL! Cute pics!