Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Reality Check

So are you a reader? A fictional reader of books with authors like Kings*bury, Morris, Rivers, and Austin? Well my readers ...reality check. Do all these lovely authors really portray the real every day life? For example tension in family life, colic crying babies, tight budgets, significant worldly influences upon our children, church life, spousal realtionship, hardship. Only to name a few. As a young (insert sigh i am to be 28 in Feb.) mom i have read most of these authors good writings only to be dissappointed later that the above things in life do happen! Babies cry endlessly not on your time but at 4am till 7am. Budgets can be blown by unpredicted happenings like plumbing, vehicle or other emergency problems. There is tension in the most organized looking families sitting nicely in church and no i do not have it altogether in the raising of our children! Marriage is also not always fluffy poems, cuddly couch times and mezmerizing memories. All these things need work! They all need strength and most of all prayer. My sister and i agreed to write a few reality novels, we should call them "The true joys of motherhood at 2 am" or " Love your brother even when....." i am sure we could start a series! even a few sequals. So dear reader if you can see my point remember i am not trying to sound negative, as i hear again a screaming child in my background but remember to enjoy the little things, and see the small joys and know that our dear Maker is always there when we call upon Him. Like the poem Footprints. "Why Lord when i was at a deep point in my life was there only one set of footprints in the sand? He replied "It was then that i carried you" Be there for one another, be an encouragemant and pray for a friend today. I did.

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  1. What's really scary is that people will define their theology through fiction writers. Yikes! I agree with this post. "Marriage is also not always fluffy poems, cuddly couch times and mezmerizing memories."--loved that line cause so many people think it IS!!!