Friday, December 18, 2009

We have sucumbed!

After much deliberation and pressure from my sister, we are blogging! Figuring out a title for my blog was hard...the good ones are all taken!!! anyhow, i figure because we are chicken farming and we have 4 children, lets combine those things in our lives. Tim and i are blessed with 3 roosters and a new little hen. A screaming one right now...just a moment......there she is burped. so i had a big list today..i pushed it away it was far too daunting. I would much rather sit on my gluteus maximus sipping coffee writing to you. You see my inlaws are ontheir way, getting closer and closer.....for they are coming to see our new little hen and witness her baptism on d.v. sunday afternoon, i am really looking forward to the joyous occasion! How priviledged we as parents are to be able to bring our children to God and have His mark upon thier forheads. Afterall, they are His first and last. We get the inbetweeny part. Maybe sometimes the hard part. With His help and only strength from Him can we do this beautiful task of raising them to His glory. But i think i hear another burpy cry developing.


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  2. Ha ha...I love it! A mom's thoughts along with all the interuptions life brings. Very realistic! Made me laugh out loud. I look forward to reading your blog!

  3. Cool Inge. Glad you can join us in our little blogging world. Have fun with it!