Thursday, March 18, 2010

still under construction

Day 16 of our renovations and I love my house...i love my house...i love my house...notice the sarcasm dripping between the dots? Why oh why did we tackle such a project. We have a very old house the previous owner put on a new basement and NOTHING is square. not even my windows! Know how i can tell? The dust lays all to one side! Well perhaps the wind has a play in that. Even the contractor we hired to help us with the finicky drywall work says we should be in the guiness book of world records for the most amount of putty used in the smallest square footage!
I love my house...i love my get the idea. During the renos Tim and i escaped to Lethbridge to visit with family for 4 days and it was nice to get out of the drywall dust! While there my very brave sister in law offered to help me paint! Crazy girl, she must have had a few slokies or something! Pardon my butchered attempt at writing a dutch word for "drinks."
So this honorable woman came to our humble abode and chuckled at my disaray! Then off to work.....and work she can! She is a slave driver. My coffee time got cut in half! Half i say! But we did get much done! Thankyou Bernita! i am indebted to your patience and willingness to help out! Until i blog again dear readers, cough couch, excuse me i tried to dust off my desk while typing.


  1. Well, Inge...I am home sweet home but I am feeling the crazy itch to paint something.....maybe I should come back? lol
    I had a wonderfully fun time painting with you and I hope we can do that again some day. Sorry about the short coffee break thing.( I think coffee breaks are a dutch thing....where I'm from no one lets you have one...) hahaha
    Blessings to you and your wonderfully fine family!

  2. I am expecting you to come out next week with AT LEAST 2 full garbage bags of work! That's an order! Plus I just wanna gab too:)

  3. So you aren't eating either? lol! Can't wait to see the finished project. It will be soooo worth it when it's done.