Thursday, June 3, 2010

Joining… a support group (or hope to start one) to enourage and learn together with other moms on how to raise Godly children in an ungodly world.

Reading…"This was John Calvin" by thea. B. Van Helsma, "A Can of Peas" by Traci De Pree "En Route"Devotional by Clarence Stam and a few berenstain books along the way

Drinking…or imagining a wonderful cup of coffee in my hands, ok now i best make a fresh pot!

Wondering…how i can instill in my children that each day needs to be lived to the glory of God and we need to evaluate where we spend eternity and how our day to day life is preparing us for that.

Planning…a camping trip....well actually loading the trailer now and worrying i will forget something like last time....tim's onderbroekjes! Costco came to the rescue.

Hoping…the Pikkert family is finding the strength needed during this difficult time of accepting their father and grandfather is gone to be with his maker
Enjoying… the love language of my husband. He put new shelves in our trailer last night late for all the kids clothes and this morning while he was gone early to look at an auger down south i did the morning chores in the barn for him. I thank the Lord for my husband.

Learning…How short i fall of God's expectations of me as a mom, wife and friend. i need to work harder at friendships and maintaining them.

This was a loaded post but fun to complete. Feel free to copy and paste and fill in your own answers. I took it from a friends blog.


  1. Did you steal this from Janet?
    When are you leaving?
    I've been thinking about the Pikkert family alot too. My heart is breaking and I didn't even know him that well.

  2. I think the moms group is a GREAT idea! I enjoyed your post.

  3. Love your new background, Inge!

  4. I just remembered that when Tim told me that he was sending me pictures of the kids tubing, I asked what kind of tubing? Behind the quad in the snow? ....or the boat/lake kind? Well.... you did have lots of snow the week before! How am I to know? Your weather is, shall we say, interesting. But then, lately, so is ours. God is good and I am glad that He is in control of even this is our lives. PTL