Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Everything has it's time" Eccl. 3:1-8

Hello again fellow readers! I was in a venting mood a few days ago and it was good i did not blog then. I was raised if you cannot say something nice do not say it at all. So can I type it then? I went shopping for groceries with my two oldest boys. It went very well until we got to the till. There in the magazines rack was some very provocative images of a known hollywood lady with barely a bikini on. I was instantly mad. Is that where righteous anger may kick in? This woman was at my boys' eye sight and if she hiccupped while the photographer took her photo I am sure her kazoonas would have fallen out. Can we spell M-O-D-E-S-T-Y? Oh the scripture references i could pull out right now.....but also scripture on how a man can lust when this pornography is soo easily accesible. In a grocery store of all things and at the perfect height of my 6 year old. I can give a perfect example. In line ahead of us a man oh say in his 30's had bought some apples and milk. He could not take his eyes off of the picture...in fact he dropped his apples on the floor TWICE trying to find the grocery belt without taking his eyes off the well endowed woman. I could have cried right there. We see again how we live in a sinful world. Do we have to keep our kids at home even from the supposedly family friendly grocery store? I decided right then and there to grab the magazine and turn it around. Hmm much better a nice ad for dove soap...works for me....mental note....do i need soap? The man looked right at me a little disgruntled. I nervously replied " I do not need my boys looking at half naked women" the only naked women i pray they will look at is their own wife it what i added in my mind. When Nathan asked why I was turning around 2 more magazines I replied, "Son, there are things on them nobody should see. It does not glorify God". He accepted that answer and we discussed the magazines and their contents in the vehicle more openly later. Nathan was dissapointed that a store would sell that stuff and i had to sorrowfully explain, money and advertising has more say than morals. I love to talk with my boys about anything and what a great opportunity is was to speak openly about this topic with them on that time. So if you see a mgazine rack looking a little disheveled...i may have been there with or without my kids. Have a great weekend and an enjoyable Sunday. Thankyou for reading my rant.


  1. Inge....I am in total agreeance with you! Good job for making a stand on something so important. Those magazines are disgusting and we shouldn't have to shield our kids eyes just to walk by a till!(maybe we should start complaining to management....the thought has crossed my mind) Isn't it great when we can have serious, learning conversations with our kids about things like that. Hope you have an encouraging weekend! Lots of love, Bernita

  2. I like this post! You have totally inspired me to combat the same issue here in Spruce Grove! Let's go to battle together--for the glory of the Lord!