Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of school

Sniff, sniff, yes i am crying. I would make a terrible spokesperson for Staples commercials. I do not think it is the most wonderful time of the year. In fact, as i look over my shoulder, it SUCKS, there i typed that out loud! I miss my boys, i miss their questions, some fighting, helpfulness and presence in our home. From 8-4, 5 days a week i am putting them on a bus and entrusting them to a Christian School with Christian teachers to teach my boys the one R one W and one A. I never understood why people called it the three R's. It's reading, riting and rithmatic! Silly people, must have been homeschooled, err, i better watch out, Tim was homeschooled. Oh and my sister homeschools, umm..... silly people! So peoples, are you a little sad too? No not those teens reading this, of course you are tired of school by now, you've been there soo long. But parents do you really like to see your kids gone all day? I may need a part time job! I only have 2 kids at home now. Let me know how you spend your days.....while i am crying beside the bus stop! Hey maybe pick me up to go shopping!


  1. Hey there! Just read your comment on my blog....nope, I don't pay for the counter...but it IS interesting to see who is reading and where they are from. :-)

    And for the record....I'm not sad about the kids going back to school. :-)

  2. I miss T being entertained by C during the days that she is gone to school! I have to think of some more creative ways to keep him busy but yet not letting him get to dependent on me playing with him.

  3. I would but theres a bit of a distance between us