Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Of a different kind

I recieved a phonecall a few weeks ago from a rather hesistant lady on the line. She is from our church and asked if i could help out with a teen club outing. I scratched the date on a piece of paper and any minor instructions and let her konw i would speak with Tim first before i committed to the Saturday morning outing. I trudged to the shop to Tim and explained i was asked ot help with a game at the local farmer's market just south of here. I was to dress up with a friend and mingle in the crowds till one of the teens from our church attempted to address us and get our signature. Tim chuckled, he knew this was right up my alley! He agreed i could look silly for the morning but had to look for my own sitter for our children. No problem, but now what to wear, i have lots of maternity clothes, but i am almost always pregnant, well 36 of the 94 months of our marriage, anyhow the teens would recognize me for sure! hmmm, i have hockey gear! Na i will stand out, then it hit me, i would dress as a mus-lim woman. My dear dear longsuffering friend agreed to also dress this way and no i did not have to drug her or pay her to do this. The teens took awhile to find us, in fact they were hesitant to even approach us. We were definately looked down upon! One man bumped into my shoulder and whispered into my ear "Jesus", i was ready to converse with this young man and ask if he knew Him too but my reformed heritage wasn't exactly portrayed in my attire. Another man walked up to us both and asked," Are you real practicing mus-lims?" We quickly removed our coverings and explained we were playing a game and dressing up. He replied" Oh, ok, becuase i was going to ask what has the mus-lim religion done for you?" Perhaps he was a reformed evangelist? Brave of him to approach us! anyhow, enjoy the photos, we will not be dressing up at any other functions any time soon.

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  1. ...or you were REALLY cold and decided to bundle up for the what looks like GORGEOUS WEATHER outside. LOL! To funny! I did hear about that!