Monday, September 27, 2010

The Will

Hello fellow readers. Here is my rant for the day. The statistics are scary only 1 in 5 families have a will. We were that higher percentage up intil last week. We went to the lawyer to finalize our will.....don't be disappointed you may not be in it unless we owe you money...or you get our 3 roosters and hen....all joking aside it was a difficult task to complete. Kinda morbid really. We had to approach someone and ask them to watch over the care and nurturing of our children in the case of our deaths being at the same time. We also had to ask a trusted friend to be the executor of the will. Our lawyer was very helpful. In the end though it really hit us that these types of scenarios can happen in life, not often but they can happen. How many of us do have a will? Do you know what will happen to your children and your home? Do you assume all will be taken care of by other family members? Last year, i believe, a young couple got hit by a drunk driver and they were both killed. They had 6 kids. 2 of their own and 4 were adopted. Now i do not know of their will or final testament but should we not watch or at least be ready if something were to happen to us as parents?

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